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MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND SAVE THE DATES!!! On Monday, August 17, the Rams’ long-awaited return to Southern California begins when they will face off against the Dallas Cowboys for a series of scrimmages at the River Ridge Playing Fields in Oxnard (2101 West Vineyard Avenue Oxnard, CA 93036). The Rams vs. Cowboys scrimmages will start […]


I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my life . . . and you know what? It is even funnier that they think their proposal is actually serious! Who are “they” and what does their oh so serious proposal entail? Well, lets take a trip down to the great city of Delusionalburg […]

Trip to St. Louis

Hello everyone, I am back from my second trip to St. Louis in the past two years. I have lived in Connecticut my whole life and have been a die hard Rams fan since 1978. It was nice to see the Rams win another one. Nobody hates the Seahawks more than me. I had a […]

1990 in Los Angeles and 2010 in St. Louis

It is 1990 in Southern California, the Dodgers and Lakers just won their respective leagues’ championships two years ago, the Angels are still reeling from their 1986 defeat in the ALCS, Santa Ana and Anaheim are fighting over who would build a new arena for the future Mighty Ducks, the Forum is still in business, […]

Los Angeles=Winnipeg?

After all the heartbreak in both Winnipeg and Los Angeles, it seems very possible that both cities could be getting their respective teams back.