A Message from Andrew Hogan . . .

Hello Los Angeles Rams fans!

In the Summer of 2009, I remember reading an article that mentioned that the Rams had a slight chance of moving back to Los Angeles. At the time, the franchise was quietly for sale and there was only one stadium proposal that had any serious backing in Southern California. It was a great time for Southern California sports fans: the Angels and Dodgers were on their way to their respective league championship series, the Ducks were just two years removed from their Stanley Cup championship, the Kings were gearing up for their return to the Stanley Cup playoffs in 2010, the Lakers had just won the NBA championship and were getting ready up for another in 2010, the Clippers were improving by leaps and bounds, and for the first time in years, the NFL was being seriously connected to the City of Los Angeles. I was in sports fandom heaven at the time (Cal was also still pretty good then as well), but I still knew that Los Angeles deserved an NFL franchise. Because of this, I found that article quite intriguing—I never thought it possible that the Rams could return to their home of some 49 years. I really knew nothing of the Rams in late 2009 other than the fact that my Dad, Uncle, and Grandpa had all been diehard fans and season ticket holders dating back to the Rams’ time at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. I was just five years old when the NFL officially packed up its bags and headed to the Gateway City, so I was never really knew what it was like to have a home town National Football League franchise. During those next few months I began to do some research about the Rams; what they had meant to Southern California, what they had accomplished, and why they left. What I found was absolutely astounding: the Rams had outstanding support during their 49 year stay in the City of Angels, set multiple attendance records, set many historical milestones like breaking the NFL’s color barrier (a year before Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier), and I also learned about the horrible events that led up to the Rams being torn away from its true home. This led me to create a simple Facebook page right after Thanksgiving in 2009. I wanted to gauge how much support the Rams might still have in Southern California and how many people would be willing to support the blue and gold once again if they were to return. The response since then has been absolutely overwhelming.

Since that point we have gained over 8,000 likes on Facebook and it seems more likely than ever that the Rams will end up returning home to Los Angeles sooner rather than later. With the arbitration decision coming down 100% in favor of the Rams, it is clear that the days of the St. Louis Rams are numbered: there is absolutely no way that St. Louis will be willing to pay some 700+ million dollars for a renovated Edward Jones Dome or a new stadium. It also seems incredibly unlikely that a stadium would be built with private funds. If you were Stan Kroenke, would you spend close to 1 billion dollars for a franchise that is worth 800-900 million? It only makes sense that the Rams would be looking at Los Angeles. There is a stadium proposal that is 100% privately funded and any relocation costs would be covered as well—there is almost no risk for the Rams and Mr. Kroenke to relocate to Los Angeles!

As every day passes, I get more and more excited about the return of professional football to the city of Los Angeles and the revival of the Los Angeles Rams. At this point, the group that I created just a few years ago is driving toward 10,000 likes on Facebook and it would be absolutely fantastic if all of our members could do everything they can to help us get to that 10,000 number by the end of February. Share the page with your friends, like the posts, and participate in our new forum. Also, if you have a few extra bucks lying around, Rams fans all over Southern California would be eternally grateful if you made a bought a t-shirt, made a donation, or got yourself a bumper sticker. All of the money goes towards promoting the group through ads or putting on great Bring Back the Los Aneles Rams events. Again, any way you can help either by donating or sharing posts, you can be a huge part of this movement and bringing the Rams home to Los Angeles. Thank You very much!


Andrew Hogan

Founder, Bring Back the Los Angeles Rams


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