Can’t We All Get Along?

Of course we can! HOWEVER, I would like to make a quick statement concerning an argument/discussion that I saw about support for the Rams in Los Angeles. As we all know, Southern California has amazing fans—how else could the Clippers sell tickets pre-Blake Griffin—but I saw a few comments about what it is to be a real Ram fan and I would like to make a quick statement on where I stand. As far as I can tell, there are three types of LOS ANGELES Rams fans out there right now and all are legitimate, let me explain each category:

1) Remained a Rams fan: I have a great deal of respect for this group of people, but let me tell you right off of the bat; I am most certainly not one of them. These are the people that have stuck with the team no matter what even after they abandoned Los Angeles for St. Louis. They may hate Georgia and John Shaw for what they did to Southern California, but they grew up rooting for the Rams, and they will continue to root for the Rams no matter where the franchise is located. The reason I have so much respect for this group, is because there is NO WAY that I could put aside my bitterness and anger and support a team that abandoned me . . . this group of people was able to put that aside and continue to support the team despite its past transgressions.

2) Did not remain a Rams fan, and indifferent towards the St. Louis team: These people were LOS ANGELES Rams fans and once the team left Los Angeles, then the Rams were no longer the home team and therefore no longer their team. Just because the team left, however, didn’t make them hate the team, just made them feel as if the St. Louis Rams were just another NFL team out there . . . no reason to hate or love them. This group, however, does want the team of their childhood to return home to Los Angeles so the Rams will once again be their home team.

3) Did not remain a Rams fan, and HATE the St. Louis team: Pretty much all of the qualities that were described in category apply here, except these people despise the ST. LOUIS Rams. These people feel as if they were robbed in 1995 and they would like to see the Rams lose in order to avenge their loss. This group still wants the Rams to return home to Los Angeles because what was stolen in 1995 would finally be given back. A wrong would be righted if you will. This group also does not recognize the Rams tenure in St. Louis—they believe the STL history should stay there, just like LA’s 50 years of history should have stayed in SoCal—and would have the 2012 Los Angeles Rams media guide skip from 1994 right to 2012 like the Cleveland Browns media guide skipped from 1995 to 1999.

We have people from all three categories as members of Bring Back the Los Angeles Rams, and everyone is certainly welcome. The thing that all three groups have in common is that they want the Rams to return home and if you meet that one simple qualification, you are welcome on any one of our sites. One’s actions during the hiatus from 1995 to the present day does not matter as long as they will be a LOS ANGELES Rams fan when they return home and that they want that day to come as soon as possible.

—Andy Hogan



  1. Ramdello · · Reply

    I am a category one fan. I was born in Los Angeles and have been a Dodgers, Lakers and Rams fan since I was a young lad, even though at age 12 I moved to Northern CA, where I still reside. Yes I Hate Georgia and John Shaw not only for taking our Rams out of California but also for not paying Dickerson what he was WORTH and keeping him teamed up with a young & developing Jim Everett. I believe if they had kept E.D. that his career, Jim’s career and Rams history would have have included a couple of championships.

    I pray for the day that our Rams return home to Cali and IF I had it my way… They would return to the old blue & white uniforms that the Rams wore with Roman Gabriel was throwing TD’s to Jack Snow!

  2. Hacksaw · · Reply

    Rams were moved with Georgia’s best interests in mind. LA got tossed under the bus so she could reap the rewards. She’s gone now so it’s time for Stan to capitalize on his investment and bring the team back where it belongs.
    The fans are here, the NFL want’s a team here and the NFC west would be properly aligned again,

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