Well, well, well . . .

Maybe the CVC can get the Rams to stay by putting in blue seats, or getting pigs to fly!

The CVC speaks! But, it is looking like the St. Louis CVC is not going to take my advice, bow out gracefully, and just let the Rams move home to Los Angeles sooner rather than later. I suppose I cannot blame them because once they lose this team, the Gateway City will more than likely not get a third NFL franchise. The CVC recently made it clear that the Rams MUST play all of their home games in the Edward Jones Dome in response to the news that the team will be playing 3 home games at London’s Wembley Stadium over the next 3 seasons. I wonder what their response will be when the Rams say that they want to play ALL of their home games in Los Angeles? This whole situation makes me believe that the St. Louis CVC is quite delusional and that it is smart to annoy the Rams and Mr. Kroenke just days before the “first-tier” deadline on February 1.

I cannot imagine that the Rams and Kroenke are going to see this move by CVC in a positive light: the Rams have a potential to make a good chunk of money playing those three games in England. This clearly illustrates how far apart the Rams and the CVC are and it makes me think that maybe the CVC is just trying to antagonize Kroenke because they already see the writing on the wall. Whether or not they are just delusional or purposely being antagonistic, there is no way that when things get ugly, the CVC will come out on top. Stan Kroenke did not become one of the richest men in the world by being stupid and being bullied around by some no-name council in charge of a third-rate warehouse stadium. He will not be pushed around by these people and this little stunt may end up making Mr. Kroenke want to get out of St. Louis as fast as possible. There will be no problems with the Rams playing a few games in London while playing the rest of their games at the Los Angeles Coliseum or Rose Bowl, I am sure that there will be 90,000+ screaming fans in attendance in Southern California for their seven games here. Los Angeles will not try to pull this kind of crap Mr. Kroenke, please bring our Rams home soon! 🙂

To see the original article on STLToday.com, CLICK HERE.

—Andy Hogan






  1. Aron Gonzalez · · Reply

    And so it begins, the (non) negotiations that is. LA RAMS 4 Life!

  2. The Rams moving back to LA is a no-brainer. With all the news today, it will be pure shit if it doesn’t occur. However, at this early stage, don’t assume Kroenke’s interest in buying the Dodgers automatically means he intends to move the Rams to LA. Or he’d be legally obligated to do it. I just read the following….

    In this case, Kroenke could own the Dodgers without moving the Rams because there is no NFL team in Los Angeles. Cross-ownership rules would prevent Kroenke from owning a non-NFL team in a market that already has the NFL. This explains how Seattle’s Paul Allen owns the Seahawks and the Portland Trail Blazers. There is no NFL team in Portland.

    I originally assumed the NFL rules meant that an owner could own another pro sports franchise only if that other team were in the same town with the NFL team. Apparently not.

    1. I am well aware of that situation . . . I documented the cross-ownership rules in the previous blog post (Inevitable). If you want to read it, CLICK HERE!

      1. Andy, you’re correct! I’m slow on the uptick. IOW, it never occurred to me that if Kroenke were willing to own a MLB team in LA, then his hold on it or the Rams would twist in the wind until and unless the situation with the NFL in LA were clarified. Or mainly until his being legally in control of the territory. Or sort of what Al Davis kept implying was his authority over the LA market, even after he had moved his team back to Oakland.

        But I still don’t want to do too much reading of tea leaves when it comes to Kroenke and the Dodgers. After all, his bid still hasn’t been verified. Or, just as important, there’s a good possibility that if he really has made a bid — and also assuming that bid even ends up as the winning one — he would be sharing ownership with others. So he might have an interest in grabbing only a partial stake in the Dodgers, and knows that as a minority owner he wouldn’t risk flouting NFL cross-ownership rules.

        Actually, the news today about Kroenke and MLB isn’t as telling to me, or as important, as word that the people controlling the stadium in St Louis are raising a stink about the Rams playing in London.

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