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Weekly Links Roundup:

Here are the links to the article posted on our LA Rams pages for the past week! 🙂 | Fearsome Forum | Facebook | Twitter | Shop January 28 Fearsome Forum: Blue and Gold Fearsome Forum: Can’t We All Get Along? CVC Questions Rams London Game Plans (101 Sports) Twitter / Bill Shaikin: Gold/Disney, O’Malley, […]

Blue and Gold

Are there two better colors for a football team than blue and gold? Of course not. I am taking a tiny break from discussing everything that is going on with the CVC and St. Louis and talk about the image of the great Los Angeles Rams. Just for the record, I am 100% in favor […]

Can’t We All Get Along?

Of course we can! HOWEVER, I would like to make a quick statement concerning an argument/discussion that I saw about support for the Rams in Los Angeles. As we all know, Southern California has amazing fans—how else could the Clippers sell tickets pre-Blake Griffin—but I saw a few comments about what it is to be […]

Well, well, well . . .

The CVC speaks! But, it is looking like the St. Louis CVC is not going to take my advice, bow out gracefully, and just let the Rams move home to Los Angeles sooner rather than later. I suppose I cannot blame them because once they lose this team, the Gateway City will more than likely […]


1992, 1993, 1994, 2012, 2013 . . . In the world of Los Angeles football, these years are in perfect sequential order: the 47th, 48th, 49th, 50th, and 51st seasons of the Rams franchise in the City of Angels. Am I a bit ahead of myself? Perhaps. There is a decent shot that the Rams […]

Amazing News!

No, not that amazing news, but I swear, this is pretty good: Are you sitting down? Good. The Bring Back the Los Angeles Rams SHOP is now open!!! Holy crap, how amazing is that!?!? The Bring Back the Los Angeles Rams shop is now your one-stop shop for everything related to our Bring Back the Rams […]

St. Louis Rams of London?

The Rams finished the 2011 NFL season with an abysmal record and attendance at the warehouse in St. Louis Edward Jones Dome reflected that. I cannot completely blame St. Louis fans for not showing up in the end . . . the team SHOULD have been 0-16 for goodness sake! But 31st out of 32 teams […]