A Few Observations . . .

THE FALL SEMESTER IS OVER WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can now let my brain turn to mush like God intended it to be . . .

Now that I have time to breathe, I would like to offer a few observations of what has happened in the few months since my last blog post. I will try to get blog posts out as much as possible (at least until the Spring semester takes over my life) and update the website to include Bring Back the Rams merchandise, events, and other great things.

With that said, let’s get started:

4,000!!! Bring Back the Los Angeles Rams is growing at a torrid pace and it is absolutely incredible. When I started the Facebook page I did not know if there would be support  for such an endeavor . . . I think I have found my answer. Just remember to keep inviting friends so we can continue to grow in support. 🙂


Jaguars Sale: This one caught me completely off guard. I was NOT expecting Wayne Weaver to sell and I did NOT expect to see a re-emergence of Shahid Khan. Anyway, I would like to reiterate that there is absolutely NO change of the Jags moving with Weaver or Khan as an owner. While I have said time and time again, leases are meant to be broken, the Jaguars’ lease at Everbank Field is as close to ironclad as a lease can be and it would be incredibly difficult to move the team out of that market. Also, I do not buy into the idea that Khan may move the Jaguars to St. Louis after the Rams move home to Los Angeles. Why? Both are small markets (STL metro≈3,000,000, JAX metro≈2,000,000), Jacksonville has a greater potential for growth once the economic conditions improve, and Jaguars attendance is significantly better than St. Louis Rams attendance (STL≈56,000 avg., JAX≈62,000 avg.). Also, there are not as many problems with Everbank Field in Jacksonville as there are with the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis. To summarize, the Jags are staying put. Period.

Is Spanos committed to San Diego?

Chargers and Raiders: I personally feel that the Chargers likelihood of moving to Los Angeles has gone down in the past few months, but I could be wrong. From everything I have heard, it seems as if the NFL wants a team in San Diego and that the ownership legitimately wants to try and make it work in that city. I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure that the Chargers will be in San Diego for the 2012 football season . . . if stadium negotiations fall off a cliff, however, then all bets are off for 2013. After Al Davis died, I became a bit worried that we may see a return of the Los Angeles Raiders. I don’t know why, but I think that the NFL, may for some reason thinks that they are now viable in this market without Mr. Davis, despite what the NFL may or may not believe, I believe most of the points I made in an earlier blog post still applies to the Raiders. Hopefully the Raiders will get together with the 49ers and build a joint stadium somewhere in the Bay Area (probably in Santa Clara), but until they sign on, I am worried that they may come back. Because both are AFC teams, if one were to move to Los Angeles, the other would be kicked out of the running and the Rams would still be in line to be the area’s NFC team.

Vikings: Just using LA to get a new stadium in Minnesota, they aren’t going anywhere.

How about that fan support!!

Rams: Well they sure went into the toilet, didn’t they?? I knew they weren’t going to be all that great this year, but MY GOODNESS!! 2-11?!? Oh well, the poor play on the field will just continue to show Kroenke and the NFL that St. Louis is full of fair-weather football fans that really cannot support an NFL team. Also, they will get a high draft pick that will hopefully be a big part of the team once they move home. The St. Louis media is starting to get worried, and that makes me VERY happy; they know all to well that the Edward Jones Dome is not up to NFL standards and has a charm of a warehouse. Also, the terrible play on the field will help drive away season ticket holders and hurt their already sagging attendance figures (as of right now, they are 30th out of 32). We should get some more insight into what is going on with negotiations surrounding upgrades to the Edward Jones Dome or a new STL stadium in the weeks following the Super Bowl . . . the way things are set up, it is still a distinct possibility that the Rams are back for the 2012 season, but 2013 may be a bit more realistic, especially considering the fact that attendance should be atrocious in St. Louis in 2012 following this season. If that is the case, then I am sure Kroenke could easily use those numbers to help bolster a Rams-to-LA argument.

Who saw THIS coming! 🙂

SoCal Sports: WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA?!? Is there something in the water, or what?!? Let’s see, in the past few months the following happened: Frank McCourt agreed to sell the Dodgers, the Angels decided to become the Yankees of the west (taking St. Louis’ Albert Pujols no less), both the Ducks and the Kings fired their coaches after uninspired play, the Clippers (the CLIPPERS!) acquired Chris Paul (did LA finally get rid of Donald Sterling? NO!?!), the Lakers got themselves into a bit a trouble with Lamar Odom and had to send him to Dallas, the NBA lockout ended, the Galaxy won the MLS championship, UCLA fired Rick Neuheisel and went to the Pac-12 championship game any way, and USC beat UCLA 50-0. My goodness . . . hopefully we can add the Rams coming home to that list very soon.

—Andy Hogan




PS: I apologize for any grammatical errors, my brain is still on overload right now. 😀


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