Just Stay Where You Are, Baby

This is something L.A. would like to avoid

The Raiders are not going to move to Los Angeles. Can I say this with 100% certainty? No. But I am 99.9999999% sure that the Raiders will not try to relocate to a place that they never belonged to in the first place.

When I hear representatives of AEG or Majestic speak, I believe that they are fairly intelligent. You don’t get to be a billionaire by making poor decisions and being stupid, right? While the Rams would certainly be the best fit in the City of Angels, any team would be very successful except for the Raiders.  Al Davis is the thorn in the side of the NFL that they can’t seem to get rid of and there is no way that Los Angeles wants to go down that road again with Mr. Davis. What’s the saying? Fool me once . . .

I really don't see people from Malibu dressing up like this . . .

Al Davis isn’t even the biggest problem with the possible return of the Los Angeles Raiders, the biggest problem can be summed up in one word: Image. The Raiders brand image is the worst in professional sports, their fan base is seen as nothing more than a bunch of thugs who should probably be over at San Quentin instead of the Oakland Coliseum. This image alone will keep the Raiders out of Southern California for the foreseeable future. If the NFL is to return to Los Angeles, then they are going to do it right. They want the Hollywood celebrities in attendance, the backing of Southern California’s huge corporate base, and the money from the über-wealthy in places like Newport Beach, Bel Air, and Malibu. What are the odds of seeing Raiders flags in Newport Beach or Malibu? Slim to none. Are corporations going to flock to associate with a team with such a terrible image problem? Don’t count on it. Also, will the Hollywood starlets want to be seen at a Raider game like they like being seen at Laker games? I think not. I know that this isn’t baseball, but that seems like three pretty big strikes against the Raiders . . .

The Raiders were a horrible fit in Los Angeles in the 1980s and they would be an even worse fit now in the modern NFL. They are even struggling in Oakland (where they should have been in the 1980s) because of the NFL’s reliance on corporate money . . . why would corporations based in the Bay Area want to sully their good name and associate themselves with the Raiders when they have organizations like the 49ers, Giants, Warriors, Athletics, Sharks, and Golden Bears to fall back on. It would be no different in Los Angeles with corporations being able to throw money at our 2 MLB, 2 NBA, and 2 NHL teams instead. The Raiders re-relocating to Los Angeles would be an absolute failure because of their image . . . if they were to change their name and rid itself of the dirty, us-against-the-world mentality, then it might work, but we all know that that isn’t happening. Like I said before, the fine people looking to bring football back to Los Angeles are not stupid and if I could figure this out, I am sure they already have. Al Davis may attempt a return to Los Angeles, but the Raiders cannot play in a stadium without a lease!

—Andy Hogan





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  1. another article in st. louis magazine that suggests that the rams are not long for st. louis, and are a strong candidate to move back to los angeles:


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