Good News Everybody!

No, not that good news when the Rams announce that they are coming home, but this is definitely some good news. Recently, we have acquired the domain name and this will be the new home for everything related to the Rams return. The page will feature L.A. Rams history, our mission statement, a calendar of L.A. Rams events, a shop where you can purchase “Bring the Rams Home” apparel, and much more. We hope to get the site up as soon as humanely possible to take advantage of the momentum that has been going in our favor, but in the mean time, our facebook page, twitter feed, and this blog will operate as usual. Everything will also continue to operate as usual once launches. We will continue to keep track of what is going on until that other good news comes. Until then, stay tuned, because there should be some more announcements in the very near future. 😉

—Andy Hogan


One comment

  1. Robert l Morse · · Reply

    I have been a ram fan since 74 when the new breed was taking over for the great rams of the past .the rams teams under ground chuck were great.they unfortunately played against great Dallas and lucky Minnesota teams.I died alittle when the witch went back home to st Louis.they don’t deserve having another team bolt on them ,but all is fair in big business.I still live and die after every game.come back home rams

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