Monthly Archives: July 2011

The Lockout is Over!

Football fans rejoice! The fight between millionaires and billionaires is over!! While there are legitimate issues with the way that the NBA is run and I understand why that lockout is taking place, the NFL makes so much money that it is ridiculous that it took so long to get a deal in place. Anyway, […]

Más dinero por favor . . .

“More money please . . .” That is what everyone in business is thinking about (even if they don’t say it) when they want to close a deal. Everyone, with the possible exception of Bill Gates, would like more money and that definitely includes Stan Kroenke. Even though he is a billionaire, I am positive […]

Good News Everybody!

No, not that good news when the Rams announce that they are coming home, but this is definitely some good news. Recently, we have acquired the domain name and this will be the new home for everything related to the Rams return. The page will feature L.A. Rams history, our mission statement, a calendar of […]