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He is God’s gift to St. Louis, he loves Missouri to a fault, he could never betray the poor souls who live in the Midwest, and he doesn’t care about St. Louis’s inability to build a modern stadium or the billions of dollars to be earned in the Los Angeles market.


You do not get to become a billionaire and owner of a professional sports franchise by being stupid. Stan Kroenke may be dedicated to Missouri and St. Louis right now (while he is trying to get a new stadium), but so was Georgia in the early 1990s as well.

I have to say, I am absolutely sick and tired of hearing about how dedicated Mr. Kroenke is to the city of St. Louis. Yes, he helped Georgia move the team to St. Louis in order to gain a (then) minority share in the team, but if the Rams were in Los Angeles, Baltimore, or Istanbul do you think he would care? Of course not! The man owns a soccer team halfway around the world for goodness sake! All he cares about, is making money and makings sure the franchises he owns are as valuable and profitable as possible. Last time I checked, St. Louis has no NBA team and has an NBA-ready arena, if Kroenke loved St. Louis so much, why wouldn’t he just up and move the Denver Nuggets there? Or, why would he not sell the Colorado Avalanche and attempt to purchase the St. Louis Blues (they are, I believe, currently for sale)? The reason is, it does not make financial sense to do so. If he were to move his NBA team to St. Louis, it would probably go down in value and would not be as profitable as the team is in Denver. For the NHL, we can actually see that the Colorado Avalanche is more valuable than the St. Louis Blues and has brought in more revenue in the past. It is evident that the man is not as dedicated to St. Louis as people say he is and is indeed dedicated to improving his own personal bottom line.

So how does the Rams fit into all of this? Well, if he is concerned about nothing more than the financial big picture, Los Angeles is the place for him. There is consensus among analysts that an NFL team in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area would increase its value substantially and would bring in an incredible amount of revenue and profits (especially if it is the only football team in the market). The Rams are currently the 29th most valuable team in the NFL (out of 32) according to Forbes at 779 million dollars. If the Rams were to move home, the team could possibly double in value and would bring in an incredible amount money. Stan Kroenke bought into the Rams at the right time: the team wasn’t worth too much thanks in part to Georgia’s efforts to run the team into the ground and move from the second largest market in the country to St. Louis. He now has the opportunity to make an extremely large amount of money by moving the team back to Los Angeles. It’s a no-brainer . . . St. Louis better hope Mr. Kroenke was dropped on his head a few times when he was a baby.

—Andy Hogan



  1. Tim Chase · · Reply

    You guys are in for a RUDE awakening. What’s going to be even funnier is when he stays in St. Louis and doesn’t even demand a new stadium.

    You really DON’T have your facts straight and this article is once again proof of that.

    I SUCKS to be LA.

    1. I am sorry that you are in such denial, but I suppose I understand because everyone in Southern California was in denial in the early 1990s as well. There was absolutely no way that the NFL would allow a storied franchise like the Los Angeles Rams leave because some bimbo ran the team into the ground. As a matter of fact, the NFL originally was against the move but unfortunately backed down because of the threat of a lawsuit (thank you Al Davis). As for not demanding a new stadium, that statement truly is delusional. My goodness, the Edward Jones Dome is considered the worst football-only stadium in the entire league (stadiums like Candlestick and Oakland do not count because they are not football-only) and you are telling me that Mr. Kroenke will not demand a new stadium or a MASSIVE overhaul of the current dome? Hell, Anaheim Stadium (now Angel Stadium) was probably nicer than the Dome is now thanks to the fact that the beautiful Southern California weather was at least allowed in. Also, the Rams would essentially DOUBLE in value if they moved from St. Louis (the 18th largest market with almost 3 million people) to Los Angeles (the 2nd largest market with almost 18 million people). If you look at the numbers, Southern California is SIX TIMES larger than St. Louis! If Mr. Kroenke doesn’t even consider Los Angeles, he doesn’t deserve to be a billionaire.

      As for it sucking to be LA? Absolutely not. Even without the NFL, Los Angeles is still one of the premier sports towns in the world sporting two MLB franchises that regularly bring in over 3 million people per season (with 6 championships between the two), two NHL franchises where one of the two recently brought the Stanley Cup to California for the first time in the state’s history, and two (well, 1.5) NBA teams that includes the most storied and historic franchise in the league. Also, the NBA has been considering putting a third team in the area for the past few years. As for collegiate athletics, don’t even get me started. Clearly, no other market comes close to Los Angeles even without the NFL. Let’s also not forget that Southern California (hell, ALL of California) is the most desirable place to live in the country. The weather is absolutely fantastic with clear skies and cool ocean breezes . . . you cannot beat a trip to the beach!! It most certainly does not SUCK to be LA. It sucks to be EVERYWHERE ELSE. Haha.

  2. Tim Chase is crazy. LA is getting football back and it is going to be the Rams. LA is where they belong. Stan Kroenke is a business man and has to know that just moving back to LA (even if he has to sell part of the team to the AEG group) would gain so much more money then staying STUCK in the midwest. St. Louis is a baseball town and always will be. The time is now for the Rams to make that move. They have a upward trending team and the perfect face of the franchise, Sam Bradford. Be scared St. Louis….be very scared.

  3. Andy, I hope you’re correct. However, I did a quick check of Kroenke’s politics (he’s a Republican) and some specific comments he made about his being good for his word — referring to his saying he brought the Rams to the Midwest to begin with, so why would he want to move them elsewhere? — and being very loyal to his roots. In other words, I think if he were politically similar to Bill Clinton or someone like LA’s mayor, and had the cultural preferences of a brie-eating hipster, your assumptions might be on firmer ground. But I have a hunch that Kroenke is a dyed-in-the-wool Midwesterner, both politically and socially.

    So among NFL owners, Al Davis, if anything, is the one who’s more liable to want to take up AEG on an offer to move, not Kroenke. And I single out Davis mainly because the fan base in the Oakland/Bay Area is so weak right now, his team (based on the stats you’ve posted) is on the bottom of attendance. That and a non-promising situation with a new stadium sure would make me want to look for greener pastures elsewhere.

    By the way, I saw the website for the proposed new stadium for the 49er’s. Even more so compared with the new, fancy, big-dollar stadium of the Cowboys, the one the 49er’s are penning their hopes on is a big bore. Looks like Budget Land. So that also may make the Raiders less thrilled about joining with their Bay Area rivals and relying on the stadium in the South Bay for a future home.

    One more thing: the image of the Raiders as the team that gangbangers are into — and in light of the recent story of a spectator being mugged at Dodgers stadium — will make a lot of folks in LA wary and even unhappy if Davis and AEG do become involved in serious negotiations. Which leaves the other option of the San Diego Chargers. But that team has the taint of being too San Diegoized, meaning it’s too local, too second string, too much of a yawn.

    So we’re right back to where we started. That’s why I hope you’re correct, Andy.

    1. Kroenke right now will undoubtedly say ALL the right words to anyone who’ll listen in St Louis and Missouri, because, well, the team is STILL in St Louis Missouri.

      May 10th 1994

      “When friends and associates asked me earlier about the Rams moving, I told them I was doing my best to keep the team here” – Georgia Frontiere.

      April 21st 2010

      “I’m going to attempt to do everything that I can to keep the Rams in St. Louis” – Stan Kroenke

      Words mean absolutely NOTHING!!! Again… NOTHING!!

      Especially when you still have to sell tickets to your product in present location for 2 more seasons.

      People who keep bringing up Davis and the Raiders are absolutely delusional. No WAY No HOW do the NFL and LA city officials want anything thing whatsoever to do with carpetbagging Al’s litigious rear end. It’ll be a cold day in hell ( BTW.. Hi Georgia ) when they let Davis come in and become the recipient of the $$$$$$ that will rain down on whatever franchise that moves here.

      Trust me. The team that comes here will see itself rise to the top of the Forbes valuations soon after the move, and frankly, Kroenke isn’t STUPID.

      Anyone that thinks the Rams will stay in that mausoleum they now play in is beyond myopic. Just ain’t happening. Bottom line is if Kroenke doesn’t get a new stadium in St Louis, he’s going to bolt somewhere, and guess what? There’s a billion dollar opportunity that’ll be staring him in the face.

      Rams are NOT a lock for movement, but you’d best believe they are heavy in the MIX.

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