We Are Back in Business . . .

The last post on this blog was on December 10, 2010 and I am truly sorry for that. My life has been incredibly hectic during the Spring Semester up here at Cal and I have been preparing for the LSAT. Now that life is more manageable, I have decided to get this blog up and running again to provide commentary on what is going on in the National Football League and the Rams possible move home.Obviously the biggest story coming out of the NFL is the lock-out and the stalled CBA talks. I don’t want to talk a great deal about all of this because it is disgusting to see a bunch of billionaires fighting with a bunch of millionaires (in this economic environment no less), but I do have a few choice words for the (now defunct?) NFLPA and the NFL owners. SUCK. IT. UP. My goodness, the NFL is a money making machine and the stalled talks are all about the owners’ and players’ collective greed. When the NHL was locked out in 2004–05, there was a legitimate reason why the owners were panicking, small market teams just couldn’t compete and a majority of the thirty teams were losing money. An entire season was lost, but the NHL is much more stable now than it was in 2004. The same goes for the NBA today. There are serious problems with the way professional basketball is run and it could result in a prolonged lockout to ensure the longterm health of that league. As for the NFL, there is no such problem. Every team is making so much money that it is almost despicable. Every team, and the league as a whole is doing just fine. The only thing the NFL is risking at this point is the alienation of the fans, but, even with stadiums half full, the NFL would still be financially sound thanks to their television package. However, is the image of billionaires v. millionaires and half-full stadiums really the image that Goodell and the NFL wants?

The second largest story coming out of NFL circles is the possible return to Los Angeles. It has been 16 years too long, but there is finally some momentum in Southern California’s favor with Roski’s Grand Crossing proposal and AEG’s Farmers Field. The Rams have always been in the mix for a potential team to relocate to the City of Angels, dating as far back to 2008 (2007?) when Roski’s Grand Crossing plan was unveiled and as recent as today with reports from the Orange County Register and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that AEG has spoken to people in the Rams organization about relocating to Los Angeles (OC Register Link, STL Today Link). For obvious reasons, the Rams are the best possible candidate to move to Southern California because of its history in the area, instant fan base, and the fact that St. Louis has never supported, loved, and bled for the team like LA did. Between now and the last time I posted on this blog, there has been some interesting news out of Minnesota that could help nudge the Rams home as well. The Minnesota Vikings organization recently signed a deal to look into building a new facility in nearby Ramsey County which should take that team off of the table at least in the short term. This leaves the Rams as the only viable NFC team to move to Southern California. Sure, there could be realignment and the Jaguars could be placed in the NFC West with the St. Louis franchise moving to the AFC South, but wouldn’t it be easier to just move the Rams home? Of course it would be. The Rams would be a perfect fit for Los Angeles and indeed all of California because with the Rams sporting the blue and gold in Southern California, one of the most storied rivalries in the NFL (Rams-49ers) would be reborn.

Thanks for reading. Go Los Angeles Rams!

LA Rams Fight Song

—Andy Hogan











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