NFL Attendance

Well, there is one full month left in the NFL regular season and the Rams are 30th out of 32 teams in terms of attendance . . . it is amazing that even though they are averaging (at least) 13,000 empty seats a game, St. Louis has yet to receive a black out. It should be interesting to see if the Rams attendance goes up at all for the final two games at the E.J. Dome: Kansas City and San Francisco. They have an excellent chance of raising that average because you have an intrastate rival and a bitter (not quite as bad as it was when it was NorCal v. SoCal) division rival. We have to remember that this is St. Louis though, they make it a point to not go support their football team . . . just last year, the game between the 49ers and the Rams drew only 47,965. Below is the NFL’s attendance figures courtesy of ESPN and a comparison of the 1989/1990 and 2009/2010 Rams seasons

**per request, the official capacity of Anaheim Stadium was 64,593 (with apx. 4-5,00o obstructed view seats, that would not be counted if there was a possible black out). The official capacity of the Edward Jones Dome is 66,965.

  1. Dallas Cowboys—87,300 (109.1%)
  2. Washington Redskins—87,177 (95.1%)
  3. New York Giants—78,678 (95.4%)
  4. New York Jets—78,466 (95.1%)
  5. Denver Broncos—75,236 (98.8%)
  6. Carolina Panthers—72,980 (98.9%)
  7. Baltimore Ravens—71,175 (100.2%)
  8. Houston Texans—71,034 (100.0%)
  9. Green Bay Packers—70,861 (97.2%)
  10. New Orleans Saints—70,036 (96.0%)
  11. San Francisco 49ers—69,732 (99.3%)
  12. Philadelphia Eagles—69,144 (102.3%)
  13. Tennessee Titans—69,143 (100.0%)
  14. New England Patriots—68,756 (100.0%)
  15. Miami Dolphins—68,755 (91.4%)
  16. Kansas City Chiefs—68,292 (89.0%)
  17. Atlanta Falcons—67,551 (94.8%)
  18. Seattle Seahawks—66,987 (100.0%)
  19. Indianapolis Colts—66,799 (106.0%)
  20. Cleveland Browns—65,933 (90.1%)
  21. Buffalo Bills—64,644 (88.4%)
  22. Pittsburgh Steelers—64,570 (99.3%)
  23. San Diego Chargers—64,291 (90.2 %)
  24. Minnesota Vikings—63,916 (99.7%)
  25. Jacksonville Jaguars—63,037 (93.9%)
  26. Cincinnati Bengals—62,483 (95.4%)
  27. Arizona Cardinals—62,225 (98.1%)
  28. Chicago Bears—62,150 (101.1%)
  29. Detroit Lions—55,499 (86.0%)
  30. St. Louis Rams—52,482 (80.3%)
  31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers—49,258 (75.0%)
  32. Oakland Raiders—45,772 (72.6%)

Bold indicates a team that is a relocation candidate.


—Andy Hogan



  1. Andy Mokler · · Reply

    I appreciate the attendance information, especially considering the challenge that it can be to track this stuff down.

    Something I think would be useful to this information is the capacity of the stadiums. I realize the % is there in the list at the top but the ’89/’90 – ’09/’10 comparison doesn’t illustrate the size of Anaheim Stadium/EJD. I believe they are very similar in size but also feel that the size of Anaheim Stadium was misleading because a lot of their seats were add-on’s and not very good.

    I want to say that Anaheim Stadium was right around 60,000 and the EJD is about 64,000 but I could be off. It’s been a while since I looked at attendance numbers. Attendance vs. tickets sold is a very good topic to cover though.

    80.3% is not very good at all for this year’s team in St. Louis. I didn’t think it was that low.

  2. I just added the Anaheim Stadium and E.J. Dome capacities.

    1. Andy Mokler · · Reply

      Cool. First for posting it and second because my memory of the numbers was pretty close. Obstructed view seats! What a joke. Only Shaw would be that greedy.

      Something else I forgot to ask you was why you chose ’89/’90 for comparison? I’m assuming it was for symmetry but I wonder if it’s actually a good time frame to use if you really want to punctuate what you are saying about the EJD. I mean, ’89 was an NFC Championship year for the Rams so the fans mentality wouldn’t be considered on the same par with the current team that has gone 11-47 the last 3+ years. IMO of course.

      You might get a kick out of this site though:

      He has put together a few charts similar to yours but has compared the last 5 years in Anaheim vs. the last 5 years for the Cardinals in St. Louis. Sort of dis spells the notion that L.A. was such a poor supporter of the Rams. Why do so many cling to the idea that L.A. doesn’t like football and wouldn’t support an NFL team when the facts are not hard to find.

      The Colosseum screwed Rosenbloom, then Davis and both Georgia and Davis succumb to their money grubbing, whore-like nature and left L.A. Neither would have left though if they could have built their own stadium rather than being pressured into refurbishing the Colosseum. It wasn’t about the fans.

      Now that the Colosseum has it’s contract with USC, 2 new NFL stadiums are being pitched. Gee, what a coincidence.

      1. 2009/2010 with 1989/1990 is compared because, if the Rams are to move, their final season would probably be 2014. Until then, I will continue to compare 1989 with 2009, 1990 with 2010, 1991 with 2011, and so on. Also, the Rams made the playoffs in 1989 as a wildcard team, but they won the NFC championship in 1979. 😉

        I do have those tables comparing the STL Cardinals and the Rams in Anaheim in their final 5 years . . . I will probably post that after the season is over when everything is quiet where football is concerned.

  3. Andy Mokler · · Reply

    That’s pretty much what I figured and there’s nothing wrong with the comparison, especially if you’re looking long term and when the lease will run out in St. Louis as you mentioned.

    I don’t think the Rams will make it that long though if they do indeed move. The lease situation in St. Louis is very weak at best. The current agreement runs until 2014 but if the Rams get a sweet deal or situation that they choose to move on, they can get out of the EJD with a buyout or settlement IMO.

    As it stands right now, the EJD didn’t live up to the lease agreement the last time and the Rams decided to just give them a free pass on it. Also, the Rams don’t have to wait until 2014 to see if the dome can get up to the parameters of the lease agreement because the plans and I think the funding has to be outlined and settled by 2012.

    It’s all there for the Rams to move if they want to but I really don’t have a feel for Kroenke…well, my own personal desires about the situation cloud things for me anyway. Speaking strictly from a profit standpoint, the Rams could be a golden goose back in L.A. But Kroenke’s got roots and pretty strong ties in Missouri so it’s hard to say what motivates him. He’s already rich so the money benefit may not motivate him. He may be more vested in taking on the challenge of making things work in St. Louis as well as being loyal to that area and the work he helped in getting the Rams there in the first place.

    But back to the attendance at the EJD this year, 80.3% capacity is awful. They had better do something about that before too long or they might force the issue with their apathy. It has sometimes seemed that St. Louis just doesn’t completely buy into the Rams being their team. A sports franchise step child so to speak. I realize L.A. got the team from Cleveland but at worst, the Rams were treated as an adopted child and a part of the family. At least until the evil stepmother came and did her thing.

    Okay, I’m lost in analogy now.

  4. […] Revolution Blog” and posting updates periodically. Towards the end of the season last year, they pointed out that the Rams were towards the bottom of the league in average home attendance and that they were […]

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