Trip to St. Louis

Hello everyone, I am back from my second trip to St. Louis in the past two years. I have lived in Connecticut my whole life and have been a die hard Rams fan since 1978.

It was nice to see the Rams win another one. Nobody hates the Seahawks more than me. I had a nice time at the game and of course there were the best cheerleaders in the NFL. I took 120 pictures and some video and I got 15 cheerleaders autographs and one by Dane Looker who was doing a signing.
As far as the EJD is goes, it is still run down and second rate. It is really a convention hall that is used for football and it will never get out of the bottom 8; you can forget about the top 8. You just do not get an NFL feel.
As for the attendance, Once again it was about 15,000 seats shy of a sell out. The Rams are avoiding blackouts using smoke and mirrors. They are giving away thousands of tickets and having two for one specials, however, the fans still don’t show. They still act like they don’t believe in the team and don’t want to spend any money, I would say about 90% of the fans at the game had jerseys that were 10 years old with players long gone. Nobody wants to buy a new jersey with a new player. Most of the fans that were wearing new stuff were out of state fans like me: I wore my new Bradford jersey with the old school colors. Over a 100 people commented on how much the liked it and they also wanted to know wear I got it. It is unfortunate that I had to educate the fans on their own teams clothing.
I cannot possibly see this team staying in St. Louis past 2015, Kroenke will be a fool to pass up a LA offer. Also, there is not enough intrest in St Louis to even justify a new stadium. Don’t give LA people, we definitely still have hope.

—Frank Carangelo



  1. Alex Nagel · · Reply

    Frank – Good post. Yep, I wholeheartedly agree with you assessment about Kroenke. I think, for the time being, Kroenke is laying relatively low; trying to get a grasp on everything. But he’s a shrewd businessman and he didn’t make his dough by being dumb. He knows the big picture includes a return to the Motherland because it’s simply too big of an opportunity to ignore. My thing is that I just wish it would be like 2011 instead of 2-3 or more years down the road.

    1. I agree with you on that Alex. Let’s hope the Rams come back home before the sorry ass Vikings beat them to LA.

  2. Only ONE NFL team belongs here in Los Angeles!!!

    The RAMS


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