1990 in Los Angeles and 2010 in St. Louis

It is 1990 in Southern California, the Dodgers and Lakers just won their respective leagues’ championships two years ago, the Angels are still reeling from their 1986 defeat in the ALCS, Santa Ana and Anaheim are fighting over who would build a new arena for the future Mighty Ducks, the Forum is still in business, and football fans are in denial about the future of the Los Angeles Rams. No one could possibly fathom the Rams—who had called Los Angeles home for over 45 years—moving away to a smaller market, yet this was the time that rumors began to leak about a possible Rams move. Welcome to 2010 in St. Louis.

In St. Louis, people are clearly in denial about a possible move of the Rams back to Los Angeles or even to another city even though rumors continue to circulate about a Rams move within five years. Is 2010 St. Louis’ 1990? It very easily could be . . . according to the EJ Dome lease agreement, the Rams can move in time for the 2015 season if the stadium is not one of the best in the league (which it is not and never will be). Seem familiar? Rumors start to circulate at the turn of the decade, everyone goes into denial, and the team is gone in five years.

Let’s look at the attendance figures of the 1989/2009 and 1990/2010 seasons (I will continue to update the figures as the 2010 season progresses):

Interesting, just interesting.

—Andy Hogan






  1. I like this and if the Rams move back to LA in 2015, I will be excited.

  2. alexlarams · · Reply

    A lot of interesting parallels here for sure. I just hope we can get our guys home – preferably BEFORE 2015!!

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