Football is (almost) here!

Well, it will be another year that the Los Angeles area will go without a professional football team, but the 15 (almost 16) years of no pro-football hasn’t stopped the fans in this area from being incredibly loyal and knowledgable. So, over the next week, I will be asking you all who you think will win their respective divisions, who will take the wild card spots, and (in honor of the only football in L.A. right now) who will win the PAC-10. Today, we will start with the PAC-10 and the divisions closest to home: the AFC and NFC West.

My Picks: California (PAC-10), San Francisco (NFC West), and San Diego (AFC West)

California: As a Cal student, I almost have to make this pick with the recent problems with USC and Oregon . . . of course, people from the other schools in the PAC-10 probably think (and hope) that their respective team will take advantage of the issues facing those two schools as well.

San Francisco: My goodness the NFC West is bad. Arizona lost Kurt Warner and looks like the team is heading back into the days of old, Pete Carroll isn’t a miracle worker (Seattle), and the Rams are no where close to being competitive yet.

San Diego: Oakland isn’t good enough yet, Denver may (unlikely though) have a shot at a wild card spot, Kansas City? Don’t make me laugh.





—Andy Hogan




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