Welcome to Rams Revolution the new home of the Los Angeles Rams movement! This is one of the final pieces of the puzzle required to bring together as many L.A. Rams fans as humanly possible. The Los Angeles Rams network now consists of this blog, the original Facebook page, and the Twitter feed. All new information from here on out will be posted on this blog and will have a greater amount of commentary than the social networking sites. I encourage you to be involved in all Los Angeles Rams pages and hopefully we will have our football team back as soon as possible.

—Andy Hogan






  1. BRETT SHEPHERD · · Reply

    I was one of the few LA RAMS fans that was ok with the move to St Louis. But in January 2000 just moments after Mike Jones made the game saving tackle, I realized how much I wished we true longtime Rams fans could say..WORLD CHAMPION LOS ANGELES RAMS. It seemed so unfair to me that St Louis got to celebrate what we longed for and even though I no longer live in SO-CAL, I felt bad for the Rams fans watching Georgia blast LA fans. From that moment on I have prayed the Rams would move back to Los Angeles and to play in the Coliseuim again. I somehow have this feeling that this dream will come true alot sooner than alot of people want to admit.
    Hey St Louis should have the Jags or Stallions, not the RAMS..THEY ARE LA’S TEAM


    1. If you grew up in Southern CA why would you be OK with The Rams moving out of LA?

  2. Bring the boys home!

  3. I proud that this page was set up by the Bring Back the L.A. Rams Facebook page. When I found out that the Edward Jones Dome was the worst stadium in America, I thinking about the Rams returning to LA from a sorry ass St.Louis market that already have two sports teams that they love: The Cards and the Blues. I think Stan Kroenke will not keep the Rams in a ugly ass dome in St.Louie for long. The Rams can leave after the 2014 season if their stadium don’t be at the top 8 stadiums in the league. The Rams suffered blackouts near the end of the season, people in St.Louis don’t care about the Rams. That bitch ran the once powerful franchise down to the ground since she took ownership in 1979. She lied about keeping the Rams in LA. 1990-1994 were the worst years in Ram history because of Georgia ol bitch ass. I’m a Raider fan from Mississippi and if the Rams move back to LA, I’ll be a fan of them too.

  4. alexlarams · · Reply

    I have been a die-hard, life-long fan of the Los Angeles Rams ever since I was a little kid back in the late 60’s and guys like Roman Gabriel, Deacon Jones and Merlin Olsen were my heroes. Then all those great teams from the 70’s when I was in junior high and high school. Still relive that unbelievable 1979 season often when we were 5-6 at one point in November and got on a roll and wound up in Super Bowl 14 which we were oh so close to winning. And even though I grew up in Iowa (and now live in the Twin Cities) and consider myself a midwesterner, I was DEVASTATED when Georgia ripped the team from Southern California and took them to that hick, hillbilly town of Stlooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooie. God, I will NEVER accept that. I want our Rams back HOME in LOS ANGELES where we belong. I consider myself an honorary Angeleno as I’m also a die-hard UCLA fan as well.

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