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1990 in Los Angeles and 2010 in St. Louis

It is 1990 in Southern California, the Dodgers and Lakers just won their respective leagues’ championships two years ago, the Angels are still reeling from their 1986 defeat in the ALCS, Santa Ana and Anaheim are fighting over who would build a new arena for the future Mighty Ducks, the Forum is still in business, […]

Football is Back!!!

Los Angeles Vikings of Minnesota vs. Los Angeles Saints of New Orleans TONIGHT!! NFL Football is FINALLY BACK!! (Kind of funny how both teams were/are rumored to move to LA at some point over the past decade . . . both Minneapolis and New Orleans have intensely loyal fan bases and do not deserve to […]

(More) Predictions

Okay, so far we have USC winning the PAC-10 (even if they can’t actually go to the Rose Bowl), and San Francisco/San Diego winning their respective division crowns. You can still vote for the PAC-10/NFC West/AFC West titles HERE. Now, onto the NFC/AFC North/South/East Divisions. My Picks: Green Bay (NFC North), Baltimore (AFC North), New […]

Football is (almost) here!

Well, it will be another year that the Los Angeles area will go without a professional football team, but the 15 (almost 16) years of no pro-football hasn’t stopped the fans in this area from being incredibly loyal and knowledgable. So, over the next week, I will be asking you all who you think will […]

Los Angeles=Winnipeg?

After all the heartbreak in both Winnipeg and Los Angeles, it seems very possible that both cities could be getting their respective teams back.


Welcome to Rams Revolution the new home of the Los Angeles Rams movement! This is one of the final pieces of the puzzle required to bring together as many L.A. Rams fans as humanly possible. The Los Angeles Rams network now consists of this blog, the original Facebook page, and the Twitter feed. All new information from here […]