MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND SAVE THE DATES!!! On Monday, August 17, the Rams’ long-awaited return to Southern California begins when they will face off against the Dallas Cowboys for a series of scrimmages at the River Ridge Playing Fields in Oxnard (2101 West Vineyard Avenue Oxnard, CA 93036). The Rams vs. Cowboys scrimmages will start […]

Our Reasons Why The Silver And Black Should Not (And Will Not) Come Back To L.A. Marcus Allen’s MVP performance led the Los Angeles Raiders to victory in Super Bowl XVIII. It was the pinnacle of the Raiders’ 13 years in Southern California. As speculation on the NFL’s future in Los Angeles continues to intensify, […]

  By Dennis Bateman As the saga of the National Football League’s (Will they or won’t they?) return to Los Angeles continues into its 20th year, football fans in Southern California put up with many promises, and many reassurances. Since the Rams and Raiders fled for their not-so-greener pastures in 1995, we’ve experienced aborted relocation […]

Hello Los Angeles Rams fans! In the Summer of 2009, I remember reading an article that mentioned that the Rams had a slight chance of moving back to Los Angeles. At the time, the franchise was quietly for sale and there was only one stadium proposal that had any serious backing in Southern California. It […]

By: Dennis Bateman Whatever happens in the coming years will mark a definitive event in the history of the Rams franchise, and while we leave no stone, or story, unturned as it comes by, we’ve also taken the time to look back at some of the hidden history. What is remarkable is that many of […]

A Lesson From Houston: How A Rams Move To Los Angeles May Happen… As we speculate about what is the next move in store for the Rams franchise, there is a roadmap that could lead the team from St. Louis back to its longtime home in Southern California. The clues to what Stan Kroenke and […]

I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my life . . . and you know what? It is even funnier that they think their proposal is actually serious! Who are “they” and what does their oh so serious proposal entail? Well, lets take a trip down to the great city of Delusionalburg […]